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This Moment

Manlookingatlake-Edit-2I took this picture in August of last year.  I had seen this man around the park several times.  Each time he captured my attention and each time I found myself slowing down and enjoying the moment.  I have not seen him around since last last year and hope he is well.  It is amazing how much we can learn from a total stranger if we just stop, observe, and listen.

Basking in the Sun

Turtles sunbathing

I was delighted to finally catch a glimpse of these turtles basking in the sun. When my mother-in-law was visiting last November she was fortunate to see them her first time visiting. I have been frequenting Lake Mirror for almost a year and had not caught them! So happy to see them. By the way, my mom was with me when I caught these. It was only her second time visiting the lake.
I am a turtle saver by nature. I have stopped traffic to save turtles. It’s in my blood.