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Black and White



I have been editing this picture for sometime.  The original was taken in color and I converted to B&W.  When I took the picture, I felt peaceful and felt the B&W depicts how I felt better than the color image.  I hope you enjoy!  Thank you for stopping by!

Lamp Posts by the Lake

Sunday Post: Black & White


I have to say that Black & White Photography is my all time favorite.  Ansel Adams is my favorite black and white photographer.  If you are not familiar with his work, google him or stop by a local bookstore.  For this post, I am including one of my black and white digital shots.  I have quite a few black and white film shots that I have not taken the time to upload that I know you would all enjoy seeing.  For more information about the Jake Sprinter, Sunday Post and the Black and White challenge, click here!

Gated Loggia


A Bridge in Lakeland

A Bridge in downtown Lakeland that is part of Lake Mirror Park on the outskirts of Hollis Garden. It looked so beautiful to me. I love spending time walking around Hollis Garden and then taking a stroll around Lake Mirror Park.