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Basking in the Sun

Turtles sunbathing

I was delighted to finally catch a glimpse of these turtles basking in the sun. When my mother-in-law was visiting last November she was fortunate to see them her first time visiting. I have been frequenting Lake Mirror for almost a year and had not caught them! So happy to see them. By the way, my mom was with me when I caught these. It was only her second time visiting the lake.
I am a turtle saver by nature. I have stopped traffic to save turtles. It’s in my blood.

Long Overdue

Hello Everyone,

In the past couple of months I have received a few awards that I am forever grateful to receive.  Due to time limitations, I had decided to be an award-free blog.  My nature, however, is when you receive something you give it back.  So the award-free blog isn’t working out that well 🙂  I want to thank Eunice at and Nizy at for nominating my blog again for the Lovely Blog Award.  I also would like to thank Ivon at for nominating me with the Reality Blog Award.  I am lucky to have connected with these three wonderful people.  It has been my pleasure.

These are five questions that Ivon passed on for the Reality Blog Award and that I have decided to answer for both awards:

1) If you could change something what would you change?

I would’ve never put down my camera.

2) If you could repeat an age, what age would it be?


3) What one thing really scares you?

Not living up to my full potential/giving enough to others

4) What one dream have you not completed yet and do you think you will be able to complete it.

Start my own web site/business selling my photograph’s.  Yes, I know I will be able to complete it.

5) If you could be someone else for the day, who would you be?

I would be interested in being Mother Teresa in the past and Eckhart Tolle in the present.

I nominated 20 different blogs I visit regularly that inspire me in some way, shape, or form.  I hope you will pay them a visit and enjoy their presence and insights as much as I do!

This award does not go with any specific “rules”. Instead each nominee can do whatever feels good to them, but I hope they will take the nomination as a sign of appreciation and encouragement.  I am awarding all of the below for both awards!!

evil nymph stuff

calee photography


paper portraiture

cosy travels

Grandmother musings

A Nature Mom


Spilled Cookies


Jenna Mule’ Photography

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Marion Driessen

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D Welchel

Poetic Licensee


The Land of Liberty
~ Author Unknown

I love my country’s pine-clad hills,

Her thousand bright and gushing rills,
Her sunshine and her storms;
Her rough and rugged rocks, that rear
Their hoary heads high in the air
In wild, fantastic forms.

I love her rivers, deep and wide,
Those mighty streams that seaward glide
To seek the ocean’s breast;
Her smiling fields, her pleasant vales,
Her shady dells, her flow’ry dales,
The haunts of peaceful rest.

I love her forests, dark and lone,
For there the wild bird’s merry tone
I hear from morn till night;
And there are lovelier flowers, I ween,
Than e’er in Eastern lands were seen,
In varied colors bright.

Her forests and her valleys fair,
Her flowers that scent the morning air–
All have their charms for me;
But more I love my country’s name,
Those words that echo deathless fame,
“The Land of Liberty.”


Good Morning My Fellow Bloggers!

Last night, I was blessed with The Beautiful Blogger Award by Grandmother Musings.  What an honor.  I feel grateful that Grandmother Musings has come into my life via my blog and WordPress.  If you visit her website you will find a wealth of knowledge in many areas of life that she is passionate about.  My favorite is Words of Wisdom and 30 Days of Gratitude.  Check them out!  You will not be disappointed.

Here are the rules for this award:

Post seven interesting things about yourself.

Nominate 7 other bloggers who you feel deserve the award.

Let them know about nomination.

7 Things You May Find Interesting About Cheri Lyn are:

  1. I currently reside in Florida and am originally from the State of Maine.
  2. My favorite season is Autumn.
  3. Ansel Adams is my favorite Black & White Photographer of all time.
  4. I am a sucker for anything that has lemon in it.
  5. I believe in treating others the way you (I) would like to be treated.
  6. I enjoy working at jobs that I can make a difference and of service to others.  (This includes photography 🙂  Memories are cherished for generations)
  7. I enjoy all types of music, but 80’s is my fav!

NOMINATIONS for the Beautiful Blogger Award are:


Sue (Mac’s Girl)










Please take the time to congratulate them!

Cheers to all of you bloggers out there!  Thank you to all of my followers and followers to be!

Honored to receive these awards…

I am both honored and grateful to accept both of the awards and will display them with pride.  Regardless of the rules, I believe in paying it forward.  Not only does paying it forward bring joy to me, but when you inspire someone else to do the same it turns a bright light on in a dark room.

OK here are The Rules:

  • Give credit to the one who nominated you
  • Tell seven secrets about yourself
  • Nominate seven others

This past Sunday, I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by a very kind, giving, creative, and in touch person.  His name is timzauto.  Please visit his blog at  Last night, I was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Award by Nizy a very inspiring, caring, creative, and loving person.  Please visit Nizy’s blog at  I hope  you will enjoy Tim and Nizy’s blogs as much as I do!

Seven Secrets about Cher:

  • I am passionate about living a balanced lifestyle in mind, body, and soul.
  • I have two notebook/diaries filled with motivational and inspiring quotes that I have collected for years.
  • I enjoy reading, writing, and watching inspiring/motivational books and movies.  I also enjoy watching documentaries.
  • My favorite sports are gymnastics, ice hockey, and figure skating.  I believe gymnastics is the toughest sport there is!
  • I love butterflies!  I love animals in general.
  • I love cooking healthy meals and sharing them with others.  Most of the time, people are amazed at how yummy healthy food tastes.
  • I take pleasure walking on the beach, in nature, meadows, and in times of solitude.

I would like to nominate the following for the One Lovely Blog Award:

Gary at

lijiun at

L-Jay at

Vikey at

Metin at

I would like to nominate the following for the Sisterhood of the World Award:

Anne Camille at

Summer at

Angie at

Please visit all of the award winner blogs!  Enjoy!