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Historic Federal Building, downtown, Lakeland, Florida. This building was built between 1917 to 1919 and used as the Post Office in Lakeland until 1963. In 1963, it started housing other governmental agencies. It appears to be vacant at this time. I hope you enjoy and thank you for stopping by.

Sunday Post: From a Distance

This weeks entry for the Sunday Post was taken downtown Lakeland, Florida.  I saw this gentleman riding his bike across the street from where I was standing.  It appears from the picture that he might be homeless and possibly a former member of the United States Military.  To enjoy more entries or participate, click here!  Thanks for viewing and stopping by!


Diana, Princess of Wales

Before we knew the names of these lovely flowers, they reminded me of flowers made from icing that you would transfer onto a cake.  So lovely.  These were taken right outside a restaurant called the Garden Bistro, downtown Lakeland, Florida.

I hope you enjoy and thanks so much for stopping by.